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Opening talk at ML in PL '18
Faculty of Physics, UW
  • About us

    Founded based on the experiences in organizing of the ML in PL Conference (formerly PL in ML), the ML in PL Association is a non-profit organization devoted to fostering the machine learning community in Poland and promoting a deep understanding of ML methods. Even though ML in PL is based in Poland, it seeks to provide opportunities for international cooperation.

  • We aim to

    • Build a strong local community of ML researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts at various levels of their careers.
    • Support new generations of students with interests in ML and promote early research activity.
    • Foster the exchange of knowledge in ML.
    • Promote business engagement in science.
    • Support international collaboration in ML
    • Increase public understanding of ML.
  • We will realise it by

    • Organizing community ML events, which provide opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience in the field (e.g. conferences, meetups, workshops, poster sessions).
    • Supporting local ML initiatives.
    • Awarding prizes for exceptional research activities & researchers.
    • Supporting cooperation between industry and academia (e.g.: research projects, university courses co-organized by business).
    • Encouraging universities to include machine learning related subjects in their curriculum.
    • Providing opportunities for early stage researchers to meet research leaders.
    • Distributing and producing educational materials (e.g.: lecture videos, interviews).

Our Projects

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Zderzenia Poznawcze 2020

Zderzenia Poznawcze 2020

Supported Conference


Co-organised Summer School

ML in PL '19 Conference


ML in PL '19 Conference Pre-meetings


Zderzenia Poznawcze 2019

Supported Conference



Why R? 2019 Conference

Supported Conference

PL in ML '17


PL in ML '18


Ruslan Salakhutdinov (CMU) "Deep Learning: Recent Advances and New Challenges"

On the 21th of October, at WEITI, PW in Warsaw, ML in PL and Golem organised the sixth pre-meeting before the ML in PL Conference 2019!

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